We're all familiar with the popular franchise of Star Wars, but do we remember what it was like seeing our first movie from the series?

You might have seen the original Star Wars in 1977. You may have been born too late to enjoy it on its original release date and joined in just in time for the prequel trilogy, or maybe you're just seeing your first Star Wars movie with Episode VII or the new Rogue One.

This author of this story has been a huge fan of the Star Wars universe since he was young, but his girlfriend had NEVER seen a single movie. Naturally, he forced her to go see the new Rogue One with him in New Hartford.

Since she had never seen a Star Wars movie before, there was A LOT of questions that she had, but overall, for the parts she stayed awake for (yes, she actually fell asleep), thought the movie was good. As for someone who knows more about the universe, it was AMAZING in his opinion.

Overall, your first experience with Star Wars should be a memorable one, and Rogue One was a fantastic addition to the story line.


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