Did the warm temps have any effect on the way or timing for the fall colors?

It would appear not. However, parts of New York are already seeing near-peak foliage and that makes people like me very happy to see the fall colors.

Believe it or not, high in the Adirondacks near Lake Placid may hit 85% of their color change by the end of this weekend, the highest level in the state according to "I Love NY weekly foliage report.

A little closer to home in Cooperstown and Mohawk, in Herkimer County, will see around 35% peak. Central New York can expect to see around 30% in Utica and 25% in Oswego.

Judging by the estimates of up to 85% of peak by this weekend, if you are looking to take a day trip you would be catching the fall colors in the high country at a perfect time.



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