As he's done all season long, New York Yankees' slugger Aaron Judge sent fans home from Yankee Stadium happy yesterday.

Judge capped off a wild afternoon with a three-run, walk-off home run to propel the team to a 6-3 victory over Houston, and a crucial win that split the series with the Astros, two games apiece.

In the aftermath of the game, however, talk of Aaron Judge began to fade, and a new pinstriped hero emerged on social media.

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Meet the Young Girl Who Captivated Yankees' Fans Yesterday Afternoon

In the middle of the right-center field bleachers, directly under the green "Hess" outfield sign, sat a young New York Yankees' fan. In the middle of the game, under the hot New York sun, the girl had spread herself out onto one of the bleacher seats, and had found a new activity with which she was entertaining herself: flipping a water bottle.

As she began to flip the bottle onto the bleacher seat, she got the attention of a group of Yankees' fans. The more she flipped the bottle, the more fans became invested in her attempts. The activity became such a spectacle, that someone unlocked their phone, and began to film it.

How awesome is this!

No doubt, this made this young girl's day. Not only that, but it probably made the day of countless sports fans in the process.

As of 1:00 PM today, the video had been up for 20 hours on @Saquon_Gleyber's Twitter account. In that time, it amassed OVER FIFTEEN MILLION VIEWS. A number of media outlets, including CBS Sports and Jomboy Media re-posted it, and this young fan has quickly become a fan-favorite in The Bronx.

So, while Aaron Judge hit the pivotal home run in yesterday's game, the hero of Sunday at Yankee Stadium is prominently featured in the video above.

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