Imagine looking forward to a beautiful day at Tempe Diablo Stadium. Can the Royals make it back to the World Series? That wasn't the buzz yesterday.


Looks like a beautiful day in Tempe, Arizona. The Angles and Royals are in spring training mode, until the bees make there entrance just before the first pitch. I guess this is nothing new for this particular stadium. The fans just cover their head with a t-shirt as if nothing is unusual.

The Royals did win the game, but Royals manager Ned Yost didn't like how the bees were killed by an exterminator. He went on to say how honey bees are declining and basically they should investigate another way to get them out of there. The stadium was probably scared of lawsuits if a lot of people were to get stung. The folks who are allergic must have been scared. All in all there was 2 delay's due to the bees. The Royals won 6-4.

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