There's been a lot of videos on crazy ways people remove a loose tooth. But one Westmoreland girl may have the most unique.

Abrianna Metz is 11 and has been playing softball since age 6. So, it's no surprise she pulled out her loose tooth using a baseball and a bat.

"We woke up at camp on the St Lawrence River and she discovered she had a loose tooth," says Abrianna's mom Andrea.

When Abrianna asked if she could pull it, mom asked how she could help. "She asked if I had string and her softball tee. Hesitantly I said yes."

Instead of string, mom tied dental floss to the tooth and then to the ball.

Photo Credit - Andrea Metz
Photo Credit - Andrea Metz

"She smashed the ball almost into the river and then her tooth came out," says Andrea. "It was easy to find because it was still in her mouth."

Watch as Abrianna takes a deep breath before taking a big swing. She doesn't even hesitate. Let's hope the tooth fairy can find Abrianna's camp.

Now, let's hope the tooth fairy can find Abrianna's camp in the St Lawrence so she can leave money under her pillow.

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