The magical fairy trail through an enchanted Central New York forest is no more.

The Wellnesste Lodge in Taberg, New York was once a magical place where you could reconnect with nature and even build your own fairy house. The 60-acre property was well known for its wee fairy fork, which loved to welcome visitors.

Lodge owner Christophe Marin made the difficult decision to sell the Lodge after 18 years.

The new owners have decided not to continue the cabin rental business at this time. They are, however, maintaining the nature sanctuary and keeping the Wellnesste Lodge website and social media accounts and will communicate with everyone in the future on what their plans are.

Hunting Camp to Enchanted Woods

The estate was originally built as a hunting camp in the rustic style of the late 1900s. Marin transformed the property into a magical place where visitors could meet the friendly old troll named Bongo who guards the entrance to the enchanted woods and fairy trail.

Credit - Wellnesste Lodge
Credit - Wellnesste Lodge

Legend of Bongo

Legend has it Bongo was once a lonely toad, who saved a fairy from being eaten. Since he was willing to sacrifice his own life, the fairy saved him and turned him into a keeper of the woods by enchanting a tree so he may live forever. It's said if you kissed Bongo's cheek before entering the woods, you'd see fairies in your dreams.

Wellnesste Lodge is on Coal Hill Road in Taberg and offered several camping options - cabins, a treehouse, and the Happy Camper Bus. The listing price was $825,000. No word on what the new owners actually paid, what they plan to do with the property, or the fairy trail.

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