As we get ready for the ball to drop and a new year to begin here in New York State, there are some who are ready to tie the knot or make plans for that in 2023. New Year's Eve is a big night for people to get engaged and for weddings and they may be even easier to make possible soon.

Imagine that you get the call from a friend or family member who wants YOU to be the person to marry them, legally! New York State is changing some things and you could be the next officiant at the wedding you are invited to!

Governor Hochul signed legislation allowing someone to apply to become a marriage officiant for one day. Under the law, an individual over the age of 18 will be granted the ability to solemnize a marriage on a specified date anywhere in the state.

I wonder if you are asked to be the officiant at a wedding if that means you are off the hook for a gift? The way we celebrate weddings has changed so much in the last few years. COVID policies and restrictions may have taught us that bigger is not necessarily better. You may have been to a wedding recently that only had a handful of guests and perhaps was in a non-traditional location like a backyard or barn. Now that the requirements are changing you may be a part of the special day!

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