Talking on the phone can be very stressful. Who does it now a days in a world of texting? Well there is some proper protocol that needs to be followed in all phone calls.

If you have a few minutes and need a good laugh, here’s proper phone protocol from  

Think About What You're Going to Say Before You Say It

Planning what you're going to say before you dial can help give the call some structure, cut down on some of the awkward silences, and maybe even give it some purpose

Remember to Breathe

Breathing plays an integral role in being able to read, and you're reading words right now. So what is it about making a phone call that all but sucks the living air out of you? Failure to breathe properly while dropping a line can result in severe headaches or death, but most likely the person on the other end of the line will just think you're a weirdo for panting while ordering a pizza in short, fragmented sentences.

Speak Clearly

If you're going to take the time to put together a coherent sentence, you might as well make sure people can actually hear it. Enunciation is especially important if you're talking to an older relative, and those automated voice response system. Using proper pronunciation is important too, but only if you can't pass off your vocal missteps as regional dialect or avant-garde slang.

 Dial Wait Three Seconds, and Hang Up

 As far as the other person can tell, you're mature enough to make a phone call and considerate enough not to leave a long-winded voicemail. Not only that, but the pressure of leading the conversation is now on someone else. Now they're the one who has to press that little green button, wait for you to pick up the phone, and think of something to say. If the person calls back and is curious as to why you ended the call after only three seconds, just pin the blame on a faulty phone or shoddy connection.

 Never Leave a Voicemail

Recording a message on someone's voicemail is the modern communication equivalent of leaving an unwanted child on a doorstep. You do it with the best of intentions, but more often than not you're just bestowing an incredible burden.

Screen Calls

If you don't recognize the number or can't imagine why that person is calling you, don't answer. If it's really that important they'll call back, and if it's not, you just saved yourself five minutes of shouting “Whos this?”