Two teens stranded while fishing on the West Canada Creek are back home safe thanks to the quick actions of first responders.

Barneveld Fire Department was called Friday, October 22 around 5:30 PM about two kids stuck on a rock near the Oneida/Herkimer County line on the West Canada Creek. Oriskany Fire Department and their swift water rescue team were also called in to help.

Credit - Barneveld Fire Department via Facebook

Rising water from the hydro plant located up stream left the teens with no way to safely get back to shore. They were too far for first responders to use throw bags.

Upon the arrival of Oriskany FD led by Chief Jeff Burkhart, their members donned their swift water rescue gear and came up with the best plan of attack to rescue the stranded fisherman that was the safest for the victims and the rescue team.

One team set up downstream with throw bags in case the victims fell in and floated their way. Brookfield Power was notified and asked to shut down the discharge from the hydro plant, lowering the water levels. A second team was able to reach the stranded teens, pull them into a boat and bring them safely back to shore.

Credit - Barneveld Fire Department via Facebook

The two teens were evaluated by paramedics and then released.

"We would like to thank Chief Burkhart and his members for all of their help," the Barneveld Fire Department shared on Facebook.

Thankfully the kids were able to call for help and the first responders were able to arrive in the nick of time.

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