Looks like someone's feelin' a little sassy!

Officer Robert Navarro with the Ramapo Police Department was recently helping clear multiple groups of turkeys from the Hudson Valley-area roadway while on-the-job, when one particularly stubborn turkey came up to his window and read him its list of complaints.

Officer Navarro recorded the encounter, as the ultra-talkative turkey wouldn't let up, squabbling on about wanting to make a report with the police department. Talk about a Karen!

Navarro jokingly argued with the turkey for a bit before telling it to go away.

The Ramapo Police Department shared the video on its Facebook page, warning residents and travelers to use caution when driving in the area of South Pascak Road in Chestnut Ridge and watch out for these "fowl"-mouthed turkeys.

Officer Navarro's video is just further proof that you never know what a day in the life of a police officer will hold!

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