Just as we had "American Bandstand" and other music and dance shows during the 1960s, British teen viewers watched a TV program called, "Ready, Steady, Go!". The show aired on Friday nights with the slogan, "The weekend starts here". And in 1964, "The Beatles" made a memorable appearance.

The Beatles On TV
Jim Gray, Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Here's more about the show, "Ready, Steady, Go!" according to Wikipedia:

"Ready Steady Go! (or simply RSG!) was a pioneering British rock/pop music television programme which used to air every Friday evening in the mid-1960s. It was conceived by Elkan Allan, head of Rediffusion TV. The programme was produced without scenery or costumes and with a minimum of choreography or make-up.

The programme was broadcast from August 1963 until December 1966.

The show gained its highest ratings on 20 March 1964 when it featured the Beatles being interviewed and performing their songs "It Won't Be Long", "You Can't Do That" and "Can't Buy Me Love" - the last of which was a hit at the time.

Watch "The Beatles" perform a couple of songs and be intereviewed on "Ready, Steady, Go" in the early days of 1964:

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