A Central New York dog had quite an adventure, but finally found his way home after two long years.

Two years ago, Theresa Richmond's beloved dog Meeko disappeared. Thinking the dog had run off, she did what any pet owner would do: she searched for him, and contacted authorities hoping that if anyone found him, they would call the number listed on his Herkimer County rabies tag so that he would be home.

Unfortunately, that never happened.

Theresa never gave up hope that somehow, against the odds, Meeko would come home.

It turns out Meeko had been living with someone new. When Meeko briefly escaped, good Samaritans contacted the number on that same rabies tag - and Theresa discovered that her beloved dog was still alive - and living only a few towns away from her home in Wampsville. In the meantime, Meeko was returned to the other owner.

Fortunately, Theresa was able to determine where Meeko was living.  She contacted the person keeping him and asked for her dog back. The individual agreed to return Meeko, even though they loved him too.

A day later, Theresa go the reunion she'd been dreaming of.

Credit: Theresa Richmond
Credit: Theresa Richmond

Theresa and Meeko were finally reunited - and after a few seconds, it was clear that he recognized his mama.

After the ordeal, Theresa says "Never give up" if your dog is missing. You could get your miracle, too.


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