Drive-in movie theaters are something from the past that we just cannot give up. Check out the oldest one in New York, which also happens to be the best.

Most people have some very fond memories of going to a drive-in as a child. It doesn't matter if you're 20 years old, or 70. Sadly as the years go on, many of these establishments are closing their gates and pulling down their jumbo screens. But why? One could point to streaming services as a prime example, but they are missing something that drive-in theaters just have a knack for providing. An experience.

That experience is made even greater at Finger Lakes Drive-In in Auburn, New York, ranked one of the top ten in the Northeastern US by 10 Best. Being only about an hour and a half drive from Utica and 30 minutes from Syracuse, it is well worth the trip. Just from driving up to the entrance, you realize you are in someplace special. A minion from Despicable me greets you on their billboard, and an enlarged old school projector sits next to him. You most certainly cannot forget the vintage red car on top as well. You're in a place that is a capsule in time of sorts.

With the number of drive-ins dwindling, you need that experience. Another way to enhance your experience is to go a little bit nostalgic, attach the speaker to your car like you would in the days of yesteryear. They recommend using your radio, but you have that older option should you wish.

Finger Lakes Drive-In also has something else to boast about. They are the oldest drive-in movie theater in New York State.

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