Did The Onion jump on the bandwagon and slam CNY in a vacation article? What do you think?

A trending story from The Onion titled The Onion’s top 10 most underrated vacation destinations in the United States starts out kind enough, as they report on " endless possibilities of trendy hotspots to visit in the U.S. during the summer vacation season," then it takes a quick turn to show CNY in an unsavory light along with Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland, OH, and other locations. Here's what they say:

Albany, NY:
All the razzle-dazzle of Syracuse combined with the natural beauty of Poughkeepsie.

Wait. What? OK is it just me? What do you think? Is that a good thing or bad this? How would you like to be in Iowa or Wisconson?

Davenport, IA: "There’s a rest stop up here unless you can hold it until we get to Muscatine."

Madison, WI: "With an abundance of independent bookstores, dive bars, and hip coffee shops, this quiet central Wisconsin city could be easily mistaken for any other college town."

We recently watched the Simpsons in a parody of upstate New York and many believe it was quite truthful. and don't forget comedian Bert Kreischer recently called Albany ‘the biggest dump.’

How do you take the statement from The Onion? Let us know in the comments below.

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