The world is mouring the loss of Annette Funicello at the age of 70. Locally, we mourn a legend born and raised right in our own backyards. However, was Annette even a fan of the area? Was Annette a fan of living in Utica New York? No one may know the true answer, but this classic track from 1983 may change your opinion. In the 1983 classic "The Promised Land" Annette talks about life living in Utica.

The first part seems a kick on Utica:

"I don't remember too much from the trip from my birth place to California..."

"From Sin City in the East, to the City of Angels..."


Was the "Sin City" Utica? In the 1930s through the 1950s Utica became nationally known as "Sin City" for the extent of its corruption and control by the political machine of Rufus P. Elefante, and other mob crime. So yes, Annette is calling Utica Sin City.

However, she did say she's sorry. The Lakeland Ledger on Google had this article published back on October 27th, 1983:

Lakeland Ledger/Utica
Lakeland Ledger/Utica