Though rock and metal may be absent from the halftime show, you will be able to catch a bit of classic hard rock pumping through the opening of a Walmart Super Bowl commercial. Warrant get the feature, with their song "Sure Feels Good to Me" receiving some play.

The spot is titled "Famous Visitors" and the music comes in fairly early as a number of famous movie characters flock to Walmart via various modes of transportation with the "Sure Feels Good to Me" guitar soundtracking their arrival. While Jani Lane's vocals are briefly heard, the song is largely jettisoned to the background in favor of the action onscreen.

There's a definitely nostalgia factor going on with the ad, as nods to Flash Gordon, Toy Story, Men in Black, Mars Attacks and even Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (with a cameo from Alex Winter) all turn up in the promo, which spotlights the retail chain's pickup service. Have a look at the spot below and see how movie references you catch.

"Sure Feels Good to Me" first appeared on Warrant's 1990 album, Cherry Pie, but was not one of the record's singles. The Cherry Pie album peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, becoming the band's highest selling album. It's been certified double platinum by the RIAA.

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