If you eat icicles, then you're eating poop, insects, and whatever else is on your roof! YUCK!

Sure, we grew up chomping on icicles and eating snow, but it's not the best idea today. There are many more pollutants, pesticides, chemical contaminants, poop, and possibly old asbestosis shingles than in the old days.

Katie Nickolaou, a Meteorologist in Sioux City, IA, made a TikTok video that's gone viral. Thie Public Service Announcement reminds you that there's a lot of bird poop on your roof, and it's frozen in the ice. If you eat that icicle, then you're eating poop!

We never thought bird poop and icicle would be used in the same sentence. LOL. Don't be surprised if you see this on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon or Conan O'Brien. Yes, it's that good.

Icicles are formed in freezing temperatures when the sunlight melts snow or ice on anything with a downslope. The water droplets freeze in the cold air, forming a cone-like shape of ice, and grow very long and heavy.

While snowy scenes with icicles on a house may look cozy, the frozen creations are dangerous. Networx says large falling icicles, knocked down by wind or loosened by sunshine, can damage anything in their path with their heavyweight and pointed tips.

They’re capable of pulling gutters off your house, shattering windshields of vehicles below, and causing laceration or concussion – or worse! -- to any human who happens to be standing near the roof eaves. [Networx]

Networx says DIY ice removal from your roof is tricky. Follow these tips to make the process easier and safer:

  • Tap small icicles off your roof before they have a chance to get bigger.
  • Easy does it when removing large icicles.
  • Never stand directly beneath the ice and-use a wooden stick to extend your reach.
  • Don’t prop a ladder on an icy roof or gutter.
  • Remove snow from your roof with a long-handled plastic shovel or snow rake.
  • Avoid using ice melt products on your roof as it can destroy your shingles.
  • Play it safe and hire a roofing professional to deal with major icicles. The pros have the know-how, as well as specialized steam machines, to get ice and snow off your roof safely.

So will you still eat Icicles? We're quitting cold turkey!

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