There's nothing quite like stepping into a steamy hot tub amid the chill of winter - unless that hot tub is on a boat, touring the most famous skyline in the world. It's the ultimate winter experience, and all you need to do is relax. It's just a few hours drive from Utica.

New York City's Sea the City is offering New York's first and only hot tub boat tours, where you can take in sights like the iconic Statue of Liberty and the city skyline, all from the comfort of your own private hot tub.

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You can bring your own beverage of choice - whether that's champagne or hot cocoa (just make sure you don't spill any into the bubbling hot tub) as you enjoy a 90-minute tour around the city.

"The extra-wide aluminum catamaran was custom-built by a company in Albany and features two 600-gallon tubs, similar to the ones you might see on a cruise ship with special drainage systems so that choppy waters don’t affect the hot tubs’ tides. Separate speaker systems, a changing room and a bathroom are onboard, too," according to the New York Post.

Tours aren't exactly cheap, but the price tag might be worth the price tag. You can book the whole boat, starting at $1499 - but that accommodates up to 20 people. Otherwise, its $349 for 2 people, and $99 for each additional person. Make your reservations here.

According to the CDC, there is no evidence that COVID spreads through hot tubs or pools, and chlorine does kill the virus.

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