Attention photographers! The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Bureau of Wildlife is asking for your photographs.

The photos will be used in reports, social media, posters, DEC's website, and more. While you're out hiking, walking, kayaking, or whatever you like to do, keep your camera close and be ready to snap a few shots if any wildlife presents itself.

Robin Randolph-Quail

The NYSDEC Bureau of Wildlife wants to see your wild neighbors -- whether feathered, smooth, furry, or scaly.

If you sit outside quietly for an hour, you might be surprised at what kinds of critters visit your own backyard! [DEC]


Don Florczyk

1. Animals featured in photos must be live, native to New York State, and in their natural habitat.
2. Photo(s) must have been taken in New York State by the person completing this form.
3. A maximum of two photos per submission is allowed. You may complete as many submissions as you wish.
4. Maximum file size is 10 MB per photo. Files must be one the following formats: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp.
5. The latest you can submit is Friday, September 11, at 11:59 am.
6. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation retains all rights to accepted submissions. DEC reserves the right to reproduce or reprint, with proper credit, photos in other publications, on television, web sites, and other media.

ed Yandeau

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