So, I walk into the Wal Mart on Commercial Drive last night and was immediately greeted by this HUGE orange tower that was about as tall as three of me and pretty wide too. For perspective, I'm six feet tall and the top of my head was in line with the top of the 'U' in 'Pickup'. Like a bug to a light, my curiosity walked me on over...

My suspicions were correct. It is one GIANT self-automated online delivery pick-up kiosk. If you remember, usually if you ordered something shipped to the store online you had to go to the back of the store, wait for an attendant to show up, give them your slip, they'd (eventually) go grab it and you'd walk all the way back out of the store after. All of that is now a thing of the past.

Now there's no walking the whole length of the store, waiting around to get your stuff and walking back out. In literally seconds you've got your order and are out the door. The cooler thing besides that is that there are over 5300 stores in the nation right now and this is only being rolled out to 700 of them. Must mean we Central New Yorkers do a LOT of shopping!

That's not all either. Right beside the tower is a row of equally orange lockers that are meant to hold larger items like that new big screen TV you've been dying to grab. More and more automation and pretty soon, there won't be any more blue-versted smiley faces around.

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