Visit the only Rose Apothecary in the world!

Fans of Netflix's Schitt's Creek can now get up close and personal with the store from the show right here in central New York. The Beekman Boys opened a pop-up version of Rose Apothecary in Sharon Springs that'll be open through the end of February.

This is just the new adventure for the "Beekman Boys," Josh and Brent. They are originally from New York City and when their fall tradition of closing their eyes and pointing to an apple picking location brought them to Sharon Springs, they fell in love with the Beekman mansion and decided to open a goat farm.

"Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade," Josh said. "Life gives you goats, you make cheese, soaps, fudge, anything you can make with goat milk."

Josh and Brent have since starred in a reality show called the Fabulous Beekman Boys, won The Amazing Race, and opened a store in downtown Sharon Springs called Mercantile. Now their latest adventure is a tourist attraction for any and all Schitt's Creek fans. They'll even be carrying a line of Rose Apothecary products in-store just in time for Valentine's Day.

Read more about the Beekman Boys' story here.

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