Rainbows are transforming into snowflakes for the winter season in New York.

The 518 Rainbow Hunt that went viral when the coronavirus pandemic hit, quickly spreading not only across the country, but around the world, is turning into the 518 Snowflake Hunt.

Kristyn Dayter started the idea while in quarantine with her husband and 7 month-old son in Scotia, New York. She created the 518 Rainbow Hunt as a fun way to get outdoors with your family and be socially distant.

What began as a request to put rainbows in windows and share photos so those in the neighborhood could look for rainbows turned into a nationwide hunt.


Dayter is hoping the rainbows will morph into snowflakes for the cold weather season. She even provided several snowflakes you and the kids can print out and color.

Or you can get creative and make your own snowflakes.

"To see where it started and where it is now is mind blowing," said Dayter.

Join the 518 Snowflake Hunt on Facebook and share your photos. Will the snowflake hunt be as large as the rainbow hunt? Only time will tell.

518 Rainbow Hunt

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