If you are sick of waiting and waiting when you try to download something or watch a program on your phone, there is good news for you.

Verizon recently announced that they are upgrading their service and have started launching 100 MHZ services in select cities across the county.

The 100 MHz of C-band spectrum a significant increase from the 60 MHz that Verizon has deployed in 5G markets to date according to their press release.

So what does the increase of 40 MHZ bring to Verizon users? According to Kyle Malady, EVP and President, Global Networks and Technology, a lot more speed and fewer slowdowns when most users use the service.

“This increase from using 60MHz to 100 MHz of C-band – which we will ultimately have available in many markets across the US  – allows us to support more network traffic, deliver even better performance to our customers and add new products and services on top of the mobile and fixed wireless access solutions we provide today,”

Verizon will now join T-Mobile as companies that is offering 100 MHZ to its customers in New York State. T-Mobile launched a massive 100MHz of standalone 5G service last month.

Verizon's move to 100 MHZ came several months earlier than expected as the spectrum was expected to be cleared by December 2023.

This is good news for anyone who has been working from home or on the phone and needs to use the internet frequently. Faster speeds and more spectrum availability will allow more people to use high-speed data.


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