Nemojte propustiti cloture festival sutra uStanleyTheater u Utici od podne do 4 pm ocekiva vas ukusna hrana i dobra zabava uz ples preljepe Bosnian i Somali rucni radovi ce biti izlozeni.

For the translation...

Bosnian Dance in Utica

Don't miss Culture Fest tomorrow at the Stanley Theater in Utica from noon to four pm. You'll sample delicious Bosnian food and see exciting dance plus beautiful Bosnian and Somali hand crafts will be on display.

Jenn Cieslewitz

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a rich heritage. Wikipedia tells us:

They were directly influenced by the Greeks, as seen in Daorson especially. The Illyrians were conquered by the Romans, who left roads, bridges, and beautiful villas with mosaics all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The best preserved examples are at Mogorjelo near Čapljina and the mosaics at Stolac (dating from the 3rd century

Jenn Cieslewitz

This is a picture of handbags made my Emina Ogresevic, who is a Bosnian artist and owner of the business Jess Designs OM.

If you travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina may we suggest you check out the museums which remain the best repositories of artifacts from the country’s diverse past.

Jenn Cieslewitz

Here is some authentic handmade jewelry made by the Somali-Bantu community in their Somali-Bantu Sewing Circle. I had the opportunity view some of Emma's bags and other wonderful crafts you'll see at Culture Fest tomorrow, and so I posted some pictures of the items you can purchase. See ya at the Stanley Theater!