Unbelievable! This horrific experience happened Friday night, Oct. 25, on I-81 South in Syracuse.

After the Truck Driver Attacks Woman With Crowbar on Thruway story broke, a CNY woman told us her incredibly scary situation. The road rage she endured while driving is unimaginable for most of us. If she didn't keep a clear head, there could have been car accidents with innocent people killed.

WARNING: This story may be upsetting to some. Jessica Briggs of Utica shared her story on Facebook:

"I didn't post bc I didn't want anyone worrying, but while working in Syracuse Friday night, I was attacked while driving on I-81 South."

"A man merged off of an exit and was driving erratically through traffic. He almost hit my bumper and proceeds to cut me off with a close call in front of my car. It was dark and rainy."

Jessica says she beeped once and flashed her lights to let him know of his almost collision with her car. He then got beyond crazy:

"This man slams on his brakes to a dead stop in front of me and then goes again, proceeding to do this several times. He then does it again, and as soon as I almost stop, he switches to the next lane. As I start to go again, he throws something out his passenger window trying to bust my driver window but hits the chrome trim on my back driver's side window."

Jessia calls 911 while moving over through the lanes, and the angry man is now following her while hitting the brakes over and over again:

I pull over, and he pulls in front of me and blocks my way. I go around him and pull over again further up because 911 is trying to control the situation. At, at this point I don't think there was much they could do here...He follows me again, pulling behind this time and keeps trying to act like he will ram my bumper slight sideways.

At this point, Jessica is scared he's attempting a hit and run. She says:

"I keep pulling forward, and he keeps doing it and then pulls up to my window again. I screamed, "I'm on the phone with 911!", not bothering to listen to him, screaming whatever. Off he goes!... I catch him safely, get that clear license plate to the operator (not advising this) and proceed to the gas station I need to meet the Trooper at. Description of car. Yes, License plate. Yea..."

We asked Jessica if the police found him and she said she's still waiting on the trooper to call her back. He was not from the Cuse area so they have to track him down at home. He is from NY though.

We asked her if she's scared to drive: "I'm a local and Cuse lyft driver so it has made me more cautious. I almost let myself be scared out of the only job that suits my mom schedule, but we all have to get back on the horse!"

We're awfully glad she's doing ok.

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