There's something about brunch that just feels so...civilized, right? Add bottomless mimosas, and you have the potential for a little more fun.

I'm not going to lie, on the (kind of) rare occasions when I get to enjoy brunch with my girlfriends, it feels very 'Sex and The City' meets 'Desperate Housewives' - but in a good way. Sometimes, we even let the guys join us. Mimosas, with their elegant mix of champagne and orange juice, served in a champagne flute (or sometimes a wine glass) make it feel really elegant - even if we're just dishing about the latest episode of our favorite TV show, the men in our lives, or politics (when we REALLY need to have a drink.)

If you're thinking that a bottomless mimosa sounds like a pretty good start to your next Sunday brunch, check out 72 Tavern & Grill. (I know what you're thinking, YES, the restaurant at the Aud and YES, it is open all year round!) They've got an incredible brunch going on Sundays, in a setting that's pretty much unmatched in Central New York.

I'll be honest, it's not a spot that was totally on my radar because I thought of it as "the place you go before the Comets games" but we've been a few times outside of games - and we love it - or maybe that was the bottomless mimosa talking.

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