The students, faculty, and staff of Utica College recently took time to say thank you to the First Responders of the March 5th lockdown.

First Responders more often than not find themselves racing towards trouble rather than away and many times we don't find out why until much later after the fact. Such was the case when we heard that a threat was given to Utica College and that set in motion the First Responders in hopes that their skills wouldn't be needed.

As it turned out, the situation was resolved with regard to Utica College with the person being arrested and is now working his way through the legal system.

Utica College recently took the time to honor the First Responders with an ice cream social. While it was very cold outside, members of law enforcement received a warm welcome to campus. Students, faculty, and staff had the chance to say "thank you" personally during the ice cream social honoring their amazing work during the March 5 campus lockdown.

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