Utica Bread is coming back to downtown Utica in a whole new location. Work is underway at the new store.

Utica Bread got its start on lower Genesee Street, close to Tailor and the Cook. Last year, they closed that shop and moved operations to the Hemstrought's on Oswego Street, and then opened a second shop at the other end of Genesee Street in New Hartford.

Credit: Tim Owens

Now, the bakery is returning to its Utica roots, with a new bakery planned for 412 Main Street, in Bagg's Square in the Smith Building. The new building is not far from Union Station.

Credit: Tim Owens
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An official opening date has yet to be announced, but the interior is definitely coming along.

Utica Bread says they'll still maintain their New Hartford store, even after the new location opens in Bagg's Square.

Credit: Tim Owens

If you haven't been to Utica Bread, we highly recommend their chocolate croissants, or Pain Au Chocolat, if you're fancy. Those have been recognized as "road trip worthy" by Food & Wine Magazine, and the bakery is included as among the top 100 in the country.

From the piece on Food & Wine's website, Utica Bread is described this way:

A workhorse of a bakery that’s part of a vibrant little culinary community of old and new favorites in a town doesn’t get all that much attention from outside, the croissants here easily compete on a regional level, and their breads are the sort every neighborhood deserves.

You can also pick up Utica Bread during weekends at the Oneida County Public Market.

Credit: Tim Owens

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