In Utica:  Seymour Pool in North Utica is the only pool open as right now because of renovations at Addison Miller and Buckley pools. Birnie Bus will be transporting kids to and from Seymour pool on Wednesday and Friday throughout the summer and until renovations are complete at Addison and Buckley pools, says wktv.

A bus will pick kids up from Addison Miller and Buckley at 12:30 and take the kids from Addison Miller and Buckley pools to Seymour. Then the kids will be dropped back off at Addison Miller and Buckley at 4:15 pm.

In Rome: Five community pools are all open for the summer. The Rome Municipal Pool, Tosti pool, Gryziec Field pool, Steven's Field pool and Guyer Field pool are all officially open.

Officials are reminding parents and kids alike to be safe this summer and follow all rules when enjoying time at the pool.



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