Back in January, the Biden Administration launched an initiative with the United States Postal Service to send At-Home COVID Tests to Americans across the country for free. When the imitative first launched, you could only order a certain amount per household.

Now, you can now order more of the tests to get sent right to your home via 

You'll receive eight tests total. Each order that is processed through USPS will be sent in two different packages, according to the website. Eight tests will be sent to you through two packages.

What's different this time around compared to last time? It looks like there isn't a limit per household. For example, last time around, it specifically said there could only be one person per household to place an order.

As I went to submit my request for more tests this morning, I got a message after I provided all of the information that said "Is this the first or second order for this address? If so, you can place another order." So, I submitted another order under my fiancé's name. Why not? There wasn't any indicator that it was only one order per household.

So, as far as I know, I'm getting sixteen tests. I'll take them. They're completely free as well, which was the case the last round of available tests.

According to CNN, the administration has delivered approximately 350 million free tests so far, the fact sheet said, and this round of tests is being funded with money made available in last year’s stimulus package. The White House has pushed for $22.5 billion in additional funding for for testing, treatment and vaccines, and warned on Tuesday that more tests would not be forthcoming without additional spending.

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