Bethany Conrad, 29, was born in Oswego, but lived in many different parts of Central New York. Conrad is planning to move out of state, and although she is very close with her adoptive mother, she realized this could potentially be her last chance to meet her biological mother.

Bethany took to Facebook last week asking her friends and family to share a photo of her holding a sign that said,

"My name is Bethany J. Conrad. I am 29 years old. Born April 17, 1988. From Oswego, NY. I was born with a cleft lip & palate. I am looking for my birth mother. She was 13-14 years old when she gave birth to me. She was in foster care at the time. I was given up for adoption. Placed in Catholic charities of Syracuse, NY. I had a closed adoption, and am currently on the N.Y.S adoption registry in all hopes to find her. Please share all around! Thank you!"

Her original post, had reached more than 31,000 shares by Tuesday morning after going viral over the weekend.

She took to Facebook in an effort to track down her birth mother by any means necessary. On Monday, a woman responded to the post.

Conrad contacted the woman who replied to this Facebook post on Monday morning, and the woman said she believed she was her mother.

"I have no doubt in my mind," She told CNY Central in a message on Facebook. "I spoke with her today, and can not wait to meet her. She named me when she had me. She knew that name. I have siblings and can not wait to meet them. I am so thankful and grateful."

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