Drones may be commonplace now, but just like anything else they need to be in the hands of masters before things REALLY start to cook. This video creation from 'Photos By Meem' based out of Oswego was submitted to the NYS Fair Drone Film Festival and received the Gold Medal for it's category. It showcases scenery and points of interest all over the state and if it's difficult to get away and visit them often, this is the best view that we've seen...

See something you recognize and some you don't? Here's the scene listing:

  • 0:00-0:11 Piercefield Flow
    0:12-0:15 Sunflower Fields - Inn Between Restaurant Camillus NY
    0:16-0:19 Taughannock Falls State Park
    0:20-0:23 Lower Reservoir - Orwell NY
    0:23-0:26 Fort Ontario
    0:27-0:30 Chimney Bluffs State Park
    0:31-0:34 Ausable River - Wilmington NY
    0:35-0:38 Oswego City Hall Tower
    0:39-0:58 Heart Island/Boldt Castle Thousand Islands
    0:59-1:01 Clayton NY
    1:01-1:04 Thousand Islands Bridge
    1:05-1:08 Rock Island Lighthouse State Park
    1:09-1:16 St. Lawrence River - Cape Vincent
    1:17-1:23 Wind Farm - Lowville NY
    1:24-1:28 Saranac Lake NY
    1:29-1:31 Olympic Ski Jumps - Lake Placid
    1:32-1:37 Adirondack Scenic Railroad - Old Forge NY
    1:38-1:44 Lake Placid NY
    1:45-1:50 Whiteface Mountain
    1:54-2:00 Tibbetts Point Lighthouse
    2:01-2:06 Chimney Bluffs State Park
    2:07-2:09 Sacket Harbor NY
    2:10-2:12 Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse
    2:13-2:15 Colloca Estate Winery - Fair Haven NY
    2:15-2:24 Oswego Harbor/River - Oswego NY
    2:25-2:32 Chittenango Falls State Park
    2:33-2:36 St. Joesph’s Health Amphitheater - Syracuse
    2:36-2:39 Fenner Wind Farm
    2:40-2:43 Oswego Speedway
    2:44-2:45 New York State Fair
    2:46-2:47 Colloca Estate Winery - Fair Haven NY
    2:48-2:49 Salmon River Falls
    2:50-2:51 Salmom River - Pulaski NY
    2:52-2:53 Minetto NY
    2:54-2:55 Sunflower Maze - Inn Between Restaurant Camillus NY
    2:56-3:12 Boldt Castle, 1000 Island Bridge, Fort Ontario, Oswego Harbor
    Oswego County Courthouse, St. Joesph’s Health Amphitheater
    3:20-3:27 Lake Ontario Winter Shoreline

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