Tom Golisano, an Upstate Billionaire, now refuses to pay his taxes until the town of Brighton does something about the geese and their feces.

You'll notice the geese more this time of the year as the birds migrate south. So the issue of goose poop is pretty much a problem around local golf courses local parks and possibly in your backyard. Adding insult to injury the birds are protected so there isn't a whole lot that anybody can do.

"Sooner or later the hope is that they'll go somewhere else," says Brighton Town Councilwoman Louise Novros

The Town of Brighton contracts with a company that uses trained Border Collies to help chase away the geese. The company also uses an approach called addling that keeps the bird's eggs from hatching.

Bottom line the geese are a problem with no solution other than what is currently being done and is somewhat successful

FYI it is Mr. Golisano's tax burden and that should be paid then work with the Town of Brighton to come to some kind of short-term solution until the geese head south. They'll be back next season.

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