What is going on at the UPS store in Utica? Inquiring minds want to know.

Fran Lucia went to the UPS Store on North Genesee Street to return a package and was shocked to find it locked on Tuesday, September 6. "I was greeted with this lovely note on the door," she shared on Facebook.

Credit - Fran Giacovelli Lucia via Facebook
Credit - Fran Giacovelli Lucia via Facebook

Packages Stacking Up

Lucia and 4 other customers peeked in the window to see what was going on and what they saw were packages and a lot of them. "I have to tell you, anyone who has dropped off packages there the last few days, they haven’t gotten very far."

Dawn Marie said she had the same experience. "I went there too. 3 other people were in the parking lot. When we arrived the door was locked and a man came out to hang up the sign."

UPS Back to Shipping

A call made to the Utica UPS store two days later on Thursday, September 8 confirmed the store had reopened. "It must not have lasted long, they were open Wednesday afternoon," said Rob Gerling.

Luckily Lucia managed to get her package shipped elsewhere. "The owner/manager of ShipRite in South Utica deserves a huge shout-out," she shared. "He was hearing stories all day from angry people. He was very pleasant and very helpful."

There are 258 UPS stores across New York State. To find one close to you, check out the UPS Store website.

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