June is Dog Lover's Month, so let's start off with a dog joke?  If the angry wife is locked out on the front porch and the barking dog is locked out on the back porch, who do you let in first? The dog, because the dog will stop barking when you let them in. That is one funny joke...and true.

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I love my dog, CJ every month but it's nice to celebrate him this month. He was a rescue dog and is named after a dog that we fostered named "Charlie." When we got "CJ", he looked a lot like Charlie so we named him "Charlie Junior" or CJ for short.

Unique Dog Names

So it got us on a conversation about dog's names and where they come from. We took it to the people and I love the responses that we got. One caller said that he had a similar name to my dog. Its name was JD...for Just Dog.

A dog trainer told us that he trained his dog to play dead when he said "heel."Did I mention that the dog's name was "Achilles?" So when he would take him for a walk he would say "Achilles, heel" and the dog would drop.

Finally, there was a family with the last name "Larkin" and their dog's name was "Barkin." So his full name was Barkin Larkin.

The Dog's Name is "Stay"

This month we celebrate Man's Best Friend and I'll leave you with this. If I ever get another dog, I want to name him "Stay." That way when I call him, I'll say "Here Stay, Here Stay." I think I laughed a little too hard at that one.

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