Several months ago, an Ulster County student named Hudson Rowan went viral for his unusual "I Voted" sticker, which won a design contest by a landslide. Now that the 2022 Midterm Elections are actually here and voters are getting the sticker, enthusiasm for Rowan's trippy design has been renewed... So much so, that people are actually listing the sticker on eBay. And they're getting bids.



Earlier this year, Ulster County hosted an "I Voted" sticker design campaign aimed at students. The winning design would be used in the upcoming Midterm elections. All the other designs were patriotic in nature. 14-year-old Hudson Rowan's design obviously stood out.

I was just, like, sketching it out and it came to me. I was figuring out different designs to make it as interesting as possible to just, like, grab the attention of people.

Rowan's spiderlike creature went viral. The story was picked up by the New York Times, CBS News, and countless others media outlets.

What I find refreshing about this whole situation is that the Ulster County Government embraced the attention. They didn't try to walk it back once they saw the sticker was not exactly "patriotic" in the traditional sense.

Ulster County's Elections Commissioner Ashley Dittus even donned a homemade "I Voted Sticker" Halloween costume this year:

Ulster County Government via Facebook
Ulster County Government via Facebook

I think I identify with this story so strongly because it's something I would've done growing up. I, too, was a little "out there" and liked to draw unusual things. But 20 years ago, if my unconventional design was leading in a poll meant for more conventional designs, I could see the locals intervening and stopping it from winning.

But let's face it... if the weirdness gets more young people to get out and vote, how can it be a bad thing?

Rowan's psychedelic sticker was even featured on the Daily Show. Check out the clip below:

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