A strange new UFO video is making it's rounds on the internet and it was filmed over Rochester New York on August 6th.

The UFO was reported to Mufon with the following description:

I was looking up at the restaurant I manage and saw a light in the sky I had not seen before. I then went back into the restaurant to get my coworker and my cell phone to take a video. At first I thought it was a passenger jet and the lights I saw, I thought could be the jets "headlights", but then the object stopped and started to hover in one place, it also started to pulsate. I felt a bit excited at first then there was a calmness about the whole situation. The object just seemed to disapear, but then showed up again in another location, but being able to take a video was hard because it was at the tree line."

You can watch the video from Mufons website HERE.

The strange thing is, the object looks very bright in the sky. If you watch the whole video you'll know we aren't talking about the big bright object, but the smaller one. The bigger light appears to be a street light.

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