Yelp just came out with their annual Top 100 US Restaurants list. New York only got two slots, which is a pretty big insult.

When all the reviews were counted, two New York restaurants made it into the top 100 list for 2022. Yes, you read that right. Only two.

How Did They Create This List?

Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash
Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash

When Yelp created their Top 100 US Restaurants list, they reached out to Yelpers for their favorite dining spots. After reaching out, they ranked each by total number of submissions, ratings, reviews, and geographic representation, among other factors.


Which New York Restaurants Made The List?

New York made the list at number 13, and again at number 21.


Number 13 Goes To Santo Brúklin

Santo Brúklin via Facebook
Santo Brúklin via Facebook

Santo Brúklin is located in New York City. It is a family-owned restaurant in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of New York City. It's dishes have inspiration from around the globe.

Yelpers say: “I enjoyed flavors I’d associate with Southeast Asian cuisine, South American cuisine, and Spanish food, all of which had me reaching bite after bite almost without coming up for air.” —Morlene C."

You can read more about them online here.


Number 21 Goes To Raku


Raku is located in the East Village of New York City. You will find plenty of Japanese comfort food here:

Yelpers say: “This is… one of the best udon places I’ve ever [visited]. I ordered the spicy niku udon and “Oh my!” The broth was so flavorful and noodles so chewy. No other udon restaurant can compare to this place.” —Mark H."

You can read more about them online here.


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