There are new fishing laws that go into effect this year in New York and that's no fish tale. However, this tale is about a fish with two heads and it sounds a little fishy to me. What about you?

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It's the story of the two-headed fish from Roscoe New York named Beamoc. According to the legend (so it must be true), there has been a fish living in Junction Pool where the Beaverkill River and Willowemoc Creek come together.

There have been stories about this legendary fish that go back 70 years. One of the stories has to do with how Beamoc got his second head. Apparently, he couldn't decide whether to swim up Beaverkill or Willowemoc, and over time, he grew the second head. Maybe the "he" is a she...I'll just leave that right here.


So the fact that Beamoc has a second head could be the reason that he hasn't been captured yet. For around 50 years, no fishermen had seen the two-headed fish until Paul Dahlie had an encounter with the great fish.

Two-headed Trout From Roscoe New York

Dahlie was the executive director of the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum and it had just turned midnight on opening day of Trout season. As his wristwatch struck midnight, he tossed his line into the dark and murky water. Then like Moby Dick, he had an encounter with the fish that others could only dream of meeting.

He felt the tug on his line as the fish fought with all of its fury to getaway. Dahlie had hooked a big one but he didn't know at the time that it was legendary. Then there it was, the trout called Beamoc, leaping into the air as though it were free.

Suddenly the line went limp and Dahlie knew this creature from the black waters of Willowmoc was gone. Beamoc was smarter than your average fish as he used his free head to cut the line with his teeth and releasing it from certain wall-mounting.

They say two heads are better than one and that's certainly true for the legendary fish from Roscoe. It's been a while since we've heard anything about him but were due for another Beamoc sighting. Trout season began on Friday, April 1 and if you're fishing at Junction Pool, keep your eyes out for the two-headed fish with nine lives.

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