Grab the tissues, and get ready for a cute love story with a sad ending from Troy New York. Thomas and Dorothy Ryan were married for 68 years of marriage, and both passed away 30 hours apart. 

Let's start with how the couple met: According to Times Union, Thomas worked in the sandpaper plant in Watervliet. Dorthy was hired at the plant too. One night, Thomas and a friend went out to a bar. His friend jokingly introduced Thomas to Dorthy as the woman he was going to marry. However, the joke wasn't a joke, it was a prediction. About a year later, the couple got married.

Thomas and Dorthy spent 68 years together. According to the family, they were inseparable. They did everything together. They did a lot of walking, because neither had a driver's license, or for that matter, owned a car. They walked to church, the grocery store, and long chats with one another. Unfortunately, time has a cruel way of separating us from our loved ones.

Last weekend, the end came first for Dorothy, 89, who suffered from complications from a fall last October that fractured her back. She died Friday night. Their daughters pushed her bed next to the bed of her husband, Thomas, 91, close enough so that he could hold her hand. He suffered from congestive heart failure and dementia, but he had a moment of lucidity as he clutched his wife's hand.

"We're going together," he told their two daughters at the bedside. About 30 hours later, in the predawn hours of Sunday, he breathed his last."

Later after they passed a rare double rainbow emerged and seemed to settle over the home where the couple died. The daughters considered it was a heavenly sign that reassured them that their parents were together again.



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