When Legoland New York opens in Goshen, it'll be the only place in the world you can transform into Lego minifigures.

You can find out what it’s like to be a LEGO minifigure on Legoland New York's exclusive ride - A Big Lego Adventure. You’ll be magically shrunk to miniature size and be right in the action of LEGO bricks being created.

When it opens in 2021, LEGOLAND New York Resort will introduce the LEGO Factory Adventure Ride featuring the world’s first use of on-ride tracking technology. By identifying the attributes of guests and mapping their position in the virtual space, the ride transforms riders into LEGO Minifigures right before their own eyes.

Photo Credit - Legoland New York via YouTube
Photo Credit - Legoland New York via YouTube

"Merlin Entertainments continues to grow in North America with more than 30 attractions and is already pushing boundaries with the LEGO Factory Adventure before LEGOLAND New York even opens,” said Head of Public Relations North America for Merlin Entertainments Julie Estrada. “Imagine traveling through a LEGO Factory and suddenly seeing yourself as a LEGO Minifigure. With vision in hand, we looked to two of the world’s leading developers, Holovis and ETF Ride Systems, to create this first of its kind dark ride experience. I can’t wait to see the looks on our guests’ faces when they experience it.”

Join Professor Brick on a thrilling adventure through the incredible LEGO Factory, meeting many characters along the way. Halfway through the ride experience, the ride vehicles, created by ETF, will spin guests until they end up face-to-face with a screen. First, guests will see their ride vehicle transformed into LEGO elements and then, they'll see themselves appear as LEGO Minifigures. Motion tracking even allows the Minifigure to move as the guest does.

“The LEGO Minifigure transformation is the textbook use for our HoloTrac technology, and since it’s completely invisible to the guest, the experience feels like real magic when the moment occurs, ” said Holovis Creative Director Peter Cliff.

"The vehicle we created for the LEGO Factory Adventure is meant to make guests feel as if they are a part of the automatic robot machinery that you would see in a LEGO factory,” said CEO of ETF Ride Systems Ruud Koppens. “We’ve never done this kind of ride before that is based on reality versus fantasy and we are very excited to work with Holovis and Merlin Entertainments to make this happen!”

LEGOLAND New York Resort in Goshen will include a 150-acre theme park and 250-room hotel, making it the largest Legoland theme park in the world. Learn more at Legoland.com/new-york.

Until the gates open, see the progress going at Legoland New York Resort.

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