Did you binge The Queen's Gambit on Netflix and think to yourself that it was time to buy a chessboard.

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You aren't alone.

In the early days of the pandemic, the show rose in popularity and reinvigorated an interest in the game of chess.

So have you been sharpening your skills just waiting for a chance to show how good you have gotten? Maybe you've been playing all your life and want to take down one of these newcomers.

Either way, the Tramontane Cafe in Utica has an event for you.

Sunday April 23 sees the Tram extending an open invitation to local chess players for a tournament. There will be prizes so bring your A Game. Also, if you have a clock, be sure to bring it as well.

There is a $15 entry fee that gets you entered int he tournament as well as a small coffee or tea.

The game is Swiss Style with 10 minutes per side. It will be a fun venue to show off your skills.

I was brought by coworkers to the Tram on my first week in town. I was excited to see a Dream Theater Images & Words lithograph on the wall as it is one of my favorite albums of all time. That may just be the kind of inspirations I would need to win the whole thing. Realistaclly though, my skills are rather rusty and I'm not even sure I remember how the pieces move correctly.

But it could be fun to try.

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