In the spring of 1982, the group Toto released their fourth studio album, Toto IV. The album produced five singles, including three which became big hits for the group.    The third single from the album, "Africa" was released in October, 82 and has become known as the band's biggest hit. The song peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February, 1983.

Although it was such a big hit, Toto's guitarist and singer, Steve Lukather didn't have high hopes for Africa. In an interview with, Lukather said "I never thought that song would be a hit". Lukather is surprised that the 20-something kids seem to know the song. He says "These kids know every single word. We're knocked out by it"

In a 2006 interview with Rockeyez, Lukather said Africa almost didn't make it on Toto IV. He says it was someone at CBS Records that convinced them the song should be included on the album. He says "It didn't fit. The lyrics made no sense and if the record was a hit, I'd run naked down Hollywood Boulevard". He loves the song now but at the time thought it was the oddest song on the album.

Steve Lukather is no stranger to Central New York. Last year, he performed twice in Syracuse. First with Toto at Chevy Court during the NYS Fair - then with Ringo Starr at the Lakeview Amphitheater. He's also married to SU graduate and actress, Shawn Batten.

Next month, Lukather and Toto will be playing Del Lago Resort and Casino - The Vine in Waterloo as part of Toto World Tour 2017.



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