Growing up we always spent our Christmas Eve up at my Grandma Wheeler’s house. Every year she would always buy the grandsons the new Hess Trucks. I currently still have all of those, and remember every year always being excited to receive them. Every year too, it was always tradition for my family to pitch in and buy my Grandma the new Schultz & Dooley beer stein.

  • Uncle Rudolph

    Growing up I never was sure if this stein was a cop or a sailor, after doing some research, he actually is a sailor. Schultz’s Uncle Rudolph arrived from Germany, dressed in his sea captain’s coat ready for the open waters. He’s also ready to be part of your collection for a smooth $79.

    Utica Club/Facebook
  • Countess

    Every man needs a beautiful woman in his life, and that includes Stein Men! The Countess was Dooley’s sweetheart in the original Schultz and Dooley commercials. Her voice in the commercials was based off of how Zsa Zsa Gabor talked. The countess is a treasured keepsake for your favorite lady, and you can pick her up for $69.

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  • Officer Sudds

    Even in the world of stein’s it’s always good to have a cop on hand to keep law and order. Officer Sudds proudly displays his gold badge and buttons while enjoying a pint or two when off duty of course! In the old commercials his character was based off of W.C. Fields. Officer Sudds is a great way to honor public safety professionals in your life for an easy $69.

    Utica Club/Facebook
  • Jim Ferarro the Bartender

    Your Schultz & Dooley collection is not complete without a bartender pouring Utica Club. This stein is based off of the real bartender Jim Ferarro who worked at the tavern from the mid 1960’s to the early 1980’s. His red and white vest pictured on the stein is actually what he wore to work every day. As one fellow co-worker can agree, The Bartender was able to hold his U.C. very well! You can get him for only $69.

  • Schultz & Dooley

    When drinking Utica Club, it is always best to drink it with friends, and no friendship is greater than that of Schultz & Dooley. Schultz performed as the favorite character actor in the original Utica Club commercials. His best friend Dooley is remembered for his Irish brogue that melted the Countess’ heart. Dooley sports a bright green shamrock and a pack of red hair. Start your collection today with this special offer: Buy Schultz and get Dooley at HALF OFF for $118.