America celebrates our independence and freedom each year on July 4th. You may think you know everything about this important date in our history. Some of what you might have learned could be a big myth. Here's a few of the top myths about the Fourth of July holiday. 

1) The Declaration of Independence was signed July 4

If you grew up believing the founding fathers got together on the 4th, signed the Declaration, then went outside and hosted a BBQ.....You're wrong. Most delegates signed the document on August 2nd 1776. Some waited even later to sign, and the names on the document were made public only in January 1777.


2) Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag.

Fun Fact- This author supposedly is related to Betsy Ross down some crazy family tree line.

Not fun fact- She was a fraud. That cute story we all learn as children about George Washington himself asking Betsy to stitch the first flag is fake. The flag story was made up in the 19th century by Betsy’s descendants. The real Betsy Ross was an unheralded seamstress.


3) Independence was declared on the Fourth of July

America’s independence from Great Britain was actually declared by the Continental Congress on July 2, 1776. That’s why John Adams thought July 2 was going to be the day future Americans celebrated. So why is the fourth celebrated? The document justifying the act of Congress was adopted on the Fourth.


***Please note this author found these myths from the Washington Post