One the most successful Kickstarter crowdfunding projects ever for New York is actually a board game. The game titled: "Kingdom of Death: Monster 1.5" has pledges amounting to more than 14 Million dollars.

Recently, put together a list of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever and one of the top results was surprisingly a board game that originated in New York.

About The Game

The Kingdom Death is not your simple board game. This game takes you on an elaborate trip into another world where survival is a victory by itself. This is a nightmare-horror world where hideous beasts reign and the best humanity can hope for is a slot at the bottom of a monstrous ecology. This is a trip you won't soon forget and neither will your friends you take with on the journey.

Since launching in 2009, Kickstarter, the Brooklyn based platform has channeled, are you sitting down? Over $1 Billion in public pledges to more than 250,000 creative projects, ranging from films to publishing to games.

Kickstarter campaigns aren't all artsy, however, a smart beer cooler concept raised over $13 million. has compiled the most highly funded Kickstarter drives in the past few years in the process found some interesting stats.

  • The average pledge amount was $2.04 million per project
  • Technology and tabletop games were leading the categories(24%)
  • Product design accounted for 12%: hardware, 10%
  • 96% of campaigns were for male-owned companies

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