Sports can be very emotional at times. The battle for the win, the terrible loss, these things can live on forever. Today our intern Josh wanted to show his top 5 greatest emotional sports moments. 

1) The New York Rangers Stanley Cup Win in 1994 over the Vancouver Cancucks

The Eastern Conference Champions New York Rangers were coming into their Stanley Cup going up Western Conference Champions Vancouver Cancucks. The Rangers have won the series against Vancouver 4-3. What makes this an emotional moment for fans is The Rangers haven’t won a Stanley Cup in 54 years. The Announcer of this game made it special by saying in his own words “The waiting is over, The New York Rangers are the Stanley Cup champions, and this one will last a lifetime.”


2) The Miami Heat 2012 NBA championship win over the Oklahoma City Thunder

The Miami Heat team during the 2012 year were a hot and strong team. They were going back to the NBA finals where they lost to the Dallas Mavericks the previous year. This year they wanted revenge and a championship, and no one wanted it more than former Miami Heat player, LeBron James. James desperately wanted a championship win ever since he was drafted first overall in 2003. This was the third final James went to, the first one he lost with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the second he lost with his second team the Miami Heat. During the last 10 seconds, LeBron James walked over to Kevin Durant and gave him a hug while crying after knowing he won a title he so desperately wanted. The Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 4-1, Lebron James was also the MVP. The Announcer made it special by saying “Lebron James captures that elusive title that he so desperately coveted”.


3) New York Giants Super Bowl 42 win over The New England Patriots

The New England Patriots came into the Super Bowl 18-0 while the New York Giants came in with a 12-6 record. The Giants were the complete underdogs coming into the game where critics thought the Patriots would make history with 19-0 season. Coming into the 4th quarter with 2:42 left, Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass to WR Randy Moss where the Patriots led 14-10. The Giants were 3rd and 5 with 1:05 left, Giants Quarterback Eli Manning escaped a sack and threw a pass to Giants WR David Tyree where Tyree caught it off of his helmet which gave the Giants a closer field to a touchdown. 4 plays later, they were 1st and goal with 39 seconds left, Eli Manning threw a touchdown pass to WR Plaxico Burress giving them a 17-14 lead with 35 seconds left. The New York Giants won Super bowl 42, 17-14 giving the New England Patriots hopes for a perfect season over, and Eli Manning was the MVP of that game.


4) Boise State Broncos 2007 Fiesta Bowl Win over Oklahoma Sooners

The Boise State Broncos came into the game as the underdogs to the Oklahoma Sooners. These two teams were fighting for a chance to win the college championship. The Broncos were down 28-35 with 17 seconds left while they were 4th and 18, seems like no chance. But they pulled out the bag of tricks. Broncos QB Jared Zabransky threw a pass only 16 yards to WR Drisan James, who then as he is almost about to be tackled, he laterals the ball to other WR Jerard Rabb where he ran it in for the touchdown with only 7 seconds left. The game goes into overtime and the Sooners scores a touchdown leading 42-35 in overtime, then the Broncos shortly after score a touchdown after then they decide to go for the win by going for 2 points which would decide the game. Once again the Broncos pulled out the bag of trips by faking a pass then handing it off to RB Ian Johnson who ran in for the 2 points where Boise State won the 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 42-41.


5) Boston Red Sox 2013 World Champions win over the St. Louis Cardinals

First I feel disgusted because I’m a Yankees fan, but this moment was special for Red Sox’s fans The Boston Red Sox were up against the St. Louis Cardinals for another chance at a world championship. The Red Sox led the series 3-2 coming into their town Fenway park where they haven’t won a championship at their town for 95 years. The Red Sox got off to a 6-1 lead which ended up being the final for that game. After the 9th inning Pitcher Koji Uehara got the 3rd out. Announcer Joe Buck made it special by saying in his own words “It hasn’t happened, at Fenway Park, for 95 years! The Red Sox’s Are World Champions”.

 ***This post was written by our intern Josh Gubbins of Westmoreland. Josh is entering his senior year, and is a huge sports fan.***