We have the top 11 names for men and women in the last 100 years and the top names in NYS. Did your name make the list?

The Social Security Administration keeps track of baby names for boys and girls by state, and they compile it in various ways including the top names form 100 years ago. These popular names were taken from 173,916,919 male births and 169,671,039 female births. We also include what the name means via NAMES.


  1. James and it means "Supplanter."
  2. John and it means "God is Gracious."
  3. Robert and it means "Bright Fame."
  4. Michael and it means "Who is like God?"
  5. William and it means "Strong-willed Warrior."
  6. David and it means "Beloved."
  7. Richard and it means "Brave Ruler."
  8. Joseph and it means "God will Increase."
  9. Thomas and it means "A Twin."
  10. Charles and it means "Free Man."
  11. Christopher and it means "Christ-bearer."


  1. Mary and it means "Of the Sea or Bitter."
  2. Patricia and it means "Noble."
  3. Jennifer and it means "Fair Phantom or White Wave."
  4. Linda and it means "Pretty One."
  5. Elizabeth and it means "God is My Oath."
  6. Barbara and it means "Stranger."
  7. Jessica and it means "God beholds."
  8. Sarah and it means "Princess."
  9. Margaret and it means "Pearl."
  10. Karen and it means "Pure."

Not to worry if your name isn't on the list, find out what it means at NAMES.

  1. Liam/Olivia
  2. Noah/Emma
  3. Jacob/Sophia
  4. Lucas/Mia
  5. Joseph/Ava
  6. Michael/Isabella
  7. Matthew/Charlotte
  8. Ethan/Amelia
  9. Logan/Abigail
  10. Mason/Emily
  11. James/Leah

Get more information and results at the Social Security Administration and NAMES.

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