Ever wonder what it feels like to fly down an Olympic Ski Jump? You can toboggan down one this winter, the longest in New York.

An old Olympic ski jump chute in Lake Placid was transformed in the 1960s for toboggans. In 2016, a new toboggan chute was built that sends you up to 1,000-feet out onto Mirror Lake.

Photo Credit - YouTube via SJ Gaming Boys

Since toboggans slide onto the frozen lake, the official opening day varies from year to year. "We have been open as early as December 26 and one year it wasn't until February before we were in operation," a town of North Elba official shared. "Generally we get operating around the first full weekend in January. We like to have 12 inches of good solid ice to insure the safety of our guests."

Children and Students: $10
Adults: $15
The use of toboggan is included in all prices.
Cash only

Photo Credit - YouTube via SJ Gaming Boys

Admission prices allow our guests to slide as much as they can during the scheduled time. Toboggans are rented and can hold 2-4 people.

The Lake Placid Toboggan Chute is located on Parkside Drive, next to the Post Office.

Hours vary depending on weather conditions. Contact the Lake Placid Visitors Center for more information at (518) 523-2445. Learn more at Northelba.org.

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