If you're not one of the millions of people who will be watching the big game on Sunday, the day can be pretty boring. Let's make that better.

Face it - the majority of Americans will have their head glued to the TV screen this Sunday, even if you're not a huge football fan. If you're not watching the Super Bowl it can be pretty hard to find something to do, considering everyone else around you is watching the game. But don't worry - There are still SOME things you can do on Sunday to have fun...

Other TV Binge Watching

Still want to watch TV, but not the game? Well, you can binge watch The Simpsons. There's a marathon going on on FXX. Or catch up on The Walking Dead - AMC is running all the episodes starting from season one.

Make a Commitment to Theatre

The Rome Community Theatre is going to be holding auditions for 'Dreams' at 2pm on Sunday. Whether you've been in performances before, or this is a first-time deal for you, everyone is welcome to audition. Try it out, have a fun afternoon, and who knows - You may be the next 'Meredith.' You can get more info about auditions here.

wine tasting
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Wine and Dine

Grab some girlfriends and head out. Spending time away will do some good, plus you won't be stuck watching a game that you're not interested in. Try out that restaurant you've always wanted to, or get something that you significant other doesn't like (but you love).
You could also head to the Tramontane Cafe for their 'open mic' - That starts at 7pm.

Super Bowl Party

Sure you're not interested in the game, but that doesn't mean you can't head to the party anyways - Especially for the food. Everyone always has amazing snacks and treats out for the big game. Join the party, scarf down some delicious foods, and just mingle or whatnot. Just because you're not interested in the game, doesn't mean you won't have a good time.

Put That Energy to Good Use

If you really want to get out of the house and want nothing to do with the Super Bowl, go do some good. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, or see if you can help out at the Rome Rescue Mission, or the Utica Rescue Mission. Maybe volunteer a few hours at an animal shelter. There are always organizations that need help, and you can use your time and energy for a good cause.

Sherrillbrook Park Sign in New Hartford
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Walk it Off

The weather isn't suppose to be too bad on Sunday - maybe a few snowflakes and a little bit on the cooler side - So head outside and get some fresh air. Even just a walk around the block, or through the park can do wonders (especially after hibernating through the winter months). Plus it can give you time to think and relax, which is hard to do with 20 people screaming about a dropped pass.

Get Lost in Another World

...Or in other words, read a book. You could watch a movie somewhere too, that works for the whole 'getting lost' thing. If you're not into the game, get yourself all comfy with a good book or movie, and relax for the night.


That's just some of the hundreds of other things you could do besides watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. Hopefully the list at least inspired you, if not gave you a plan for this weekend. Enjoy.




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